Ras Laffan Power Company Limited (RLPC) was established in 2001 as first Independent Power Plant in the State of Qatar with a vision to contribute towards welfare of Qatar by providing safe, clean and reliable power and water. It has been the base line of our all actions and strategies we adopt.

It has been very challenging and exciting years by putting high standards and goals for us to meet. Our people are empowered with ‘what it takes’ attitude and everybody is encouraged to bring in innovative ideas to add value to the business. Numerous performance excellence projects have been completed to improve the reliability and efficiency of the plant, which not only helped in conserving the scarce resources of the State of Qatar but also had positive impact on bottom line of the Company.

Through our efforts, we have been consistently meeting the key performance indicators collectively set by the team. Together, we have achieved number of important milestones and everybody believes that the journey is ever going.

We have won accreditations from world’s renowned professional bodies and institutions in the areas of safety, health, and environment, which demonstrate our focus and resilience towards this important aspect of our work and life.

Qatarization is an integral part of our organization’s strategy. We have high focus on quality Qatarization and career growth of Qatari team working with us. We provide opportunities for higher education and trainings to Qataris who are aspiring for career growth and bigger roles in the organization.

As the industry of electricity and water is set to grow exponentially in near future, we believe in continually improving our technical abilities and performance and operating practices to play a significant role in Qatar’s economy.This is so inspirational to all of us and we are persistent to the vigorous engagement as a corporate citizen, operating in an environmentally responsible manner and demonstrating excellence in the conduct of our business.

Mubarak Al Nasr

Managing Director – RLPC