This is a strategic initiative by the State of Qatar aiming at creating qualified national workforce and potential careers for the Qatari citizens in both private and public sectors.

Ras Laffan Power Company Limited is a devoted supporter of Qatar Vision 2030, set up and structured by H.H. Sheikh Tameem Bin Hamad Al Thani, The Emir of the State of Qatar. Through this vision the company is focused on the strategic importance of Qatarization, by attracting new Qatari talent and by implementing training and development programs for them in the specialized technical professions such as maintenance and operation of power generation and water desalination plant.

Further, the company is keen to upgrade the career of the existing qualified Qatari staff members by providing higher education and training opportunities so that his/ her capabilities and skills will be appropriate in order to occupy important and senior role in the company to the benefit of the national objectives as well as the aspirations of the Qatari employees.

We Are Hiring

Human Capital is the most valuable capital for any organization. Human Resource Department supports the Human Capital needs of the organization by keeping in mind the organization requirement and the importance it gives to the human capital.

We are looking for a potential quality person, once hired we will help them attain competencies to support company’s performance in the future.

Human Capital is the most important part of our company.We try to make other foundations such as facilities and systems better to other company, but when talking about human resources, this is one thing that makes our company unique and special.

We call all our people and their family member as RLPC family and create the spirit of togetherness among employees. Our success is our team and the teamwork we follow in RLPC.