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About Ras Laffan Power Company Ltd. (RLPC)

Ras Laffan Power Company Limited (RLPC) is the first independent power and water plant in State of Qatar, which was incorporated in 2001. The plant is located at Ras Laffan Industrial City which is approximately 80 kilometers North East of Doha.

The facility achieved its full production capacity in May 2004 by producing contracted capacity of 756 MW per hour of electricity and 40 million gallons per day of water. Plant is being operated under a 25 years Power and Water Purchase Agreement (PWPA) with KAHRAMAA, the off taker.

Ras Laffan Power Company was incorporated as a joint venture between AES Corporation (USA) with (55%) shares, Qatar Electricity and Water Co. (QEWC) with (25%) shares, Qatar Petroleum (QP) with (10%) shares and Gulf Investment Corporation (GIC) of Kuwait with (10%) shares. In October 2010, QEWC purchased shares held by AES Corporation increasing its ownership to (80%).

Ras Laffan Operating Company WLL (ROC) is managing and operating Ras Laffan Power company since its inception.

About Ras Laffan Operating Company W.L.L.(ROC)

ROC is managing and operating Power & Water Desalination Plant owned by Ras Laffan Power Company. In October 2010, QEWC acquired all the shares owned by AES Technical Services FZE. With its main office in Doha, Qatar, along with this deal QEWC acquired full right of operating the facility.

Acting upon contract authenticated in Doha on October 7, 2001, Ras Laffan Operating Company was established in compliance with the agreement between Qatar Electricity and Water Company (QEWC), based in Doha, Qatar and AES Technical Services FZE based in Jebal Ali, UAE, to build, manage, operate and maintain the electricity generation and seawater desalination units with all related necessary works.



Qatar Electricity and Water Company  (80%) :

Qatar Electricity and Water Company (QEWC) is the first private sector company in the region, engaged in the generation of electricity and desalination of water. It was founded in 1990, as a Qatari shareholding company, in accordance with the provisions of the Commercial Companies Law, for the purpose of owning and operating power generation and water desalination stations and sell their products.

The share capital of the company comprises one Billion and one hundred Million Qatari Riyals, divided into one hundred and ten million shares fully paid. The State of Qatar and its affiliates own approximately 52% of the share capital and the rest of the shares, around 48%, are held by companies and individuals. The Company is managed by the Board of Directors consisting of eleven members chaired by H.E. Dr. Mohammed Saleh Al-Sada, Minister of Energy & Industry Affairs, State of Qatar.

The QEWC is second largest utility in North Africa and the Middle East. It is the main supplier of electricity and desalinated water in Qatar with a market share of 62% of electricity and 79 % of the water. The Company has an electricity generation capacity of 5,432 MW and water desalination capacity of 258 MIGD.

Qatar Petroleum (10%):

Qatar Petroleum (QP) is owned by the Government of Qatar and was incorporated in 1974. QP is responsible for all phases of the oil and gas sector in the State of Qatar. Its major activities include exploration, drilling, production and sale of crude oil, natural gas, products transferred from gas to liquid and liquid natural gas, petrochemicals, chemical fertilizers, steel and aluminum.

The operating activities of QP are being executed at different onshore sites which include Doha, Dukhan, Messaieed Industrial City and Ras Laffan in addition to the offshore sites such as Halool Island, offshore production plants, drilling berths and North Gas Field.

Gulf Investment Corporation (10%) :

The Gulf Investment Corporation (GIC) was established in 1983 by six member states of GCC:Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, KSA and UAE. It was incorporated aiming the development, economic diversity and development of the financial markets in different areas of GCC.

GIC has been the major investor in more than 40 projects in different economic sectors that cover agriculture, manufacturing industry and services in the Gulf area.