10 years without Loss Time Accident

RLPC team is committed to preventing occupational incidents and have demonstrated it time and again through our proven records. It is our belief that all incidents are preventable and will not let any stone unturned for achieving safe working environment.

In August 2016, RLPC completed 10 Years without Lost Time Incidents. The achievement is testament to the commitment and efforts of employees and contractors working at RLPC towards putting SAFETY FIRST.

During celebration event, RLPC CEO Mr. Mubarak Al Nasr, reiterated in the presence of Minister of Energy and other dignitaries that, after these 10 amazing years, we must step in future with the wisdom gained from past experiences and by embracing the new innovations. The absence of accidents does not mean that we lower our guards. The hazards are omnipresent around us at workplace, the moment we stop managing the risk, it will claim its unsuspecting victim.